Hydrolyzed collagen

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Collagen is a important protein for our body, that makes up connective tissue. Itmainly provides the elasticity of our skin, preventing wrinkles and sagging. To restorethe levels of this substance in the body there is the hydrolyzed collagen, is an optionin the form of powder or capsules which provides a number of benefits.

Colágeno hidrolizado

In the market, there is enough variety of products with collagen in its composition,such as cereal bars, shakes and creams, to cite some examples. But it is in the form ofsupplement that collagen is better absorbed by the body. So it is even easier tocalculate the amount needed to consume and get greater benefits.

Benefits of collagen

The main benefit of the collagen is manifested in the health of the skin. It is our outerlayer, so our appearance depends on who this well-kept skin. Collagen contains 30%of the proteins present in our organism and which comprise 90% of the dry mass ofthe skin.
For this reason, it is essential that the different types of collagen in our body are tomake for a beautiful and healthy skin. When we passed the 30-year-old, every 12months the amount of collagen in our body decreases 1% so that the wrinklesappear and skin becomes more flaccid as age progresses.

cambio con el colágenoEmaciation

Only the fact that it is important for the health of the skin has justified the use ofhydrolyzed collagen. But beyond that, also aid in weight loss. To begin with, it has avalue very low in calories and contains no sugar.
If you use the 30 or 60 minutes before lunch or dinner, will stimulate the mechanismthat causes the feeling of satiety. I.e., the food will be lighter and therefore consumeless calories than normal.
A possible use is in dilute powder hydrolysate of collagen in water or juice. Thatalready by itself alone is enough to fill the stomach quickly.
Apart from that, it stimulates the secretion of GH (growth hormone). That in turnhelps to burn body fat and give maintenance to the lean mass (muscle) in your body.The colagenohidrolizado know that it helps to lose weight, but thanks to the you canfind a point of equilibrium that avoids the classic problem of who loses a lot ofweight sagging thanks to the properties described above

hueso y carilagoBones and cartilage

As if all this weren’t already enough, the collagen is also a component of protein inbones, tendons and cartilage. You’ve surely heard of osteoporosis, right? It is acondition of fragile bone due to the reduction of bone mass, what makes people who are very sensitive to fractures, no matter how small is the accident. The use ofcollagen helps to prevent this disease.


It is a chronic disease that can incapacitate people. It occurs more frequently inelderly or athletes. Its most common form is osteoarthritis, a breakdown of cartilage,whose consequences are immobility and pain. Patients with this condition can takecollagen to relieve these symptoms the effectiveness of this supplement is proven.

artritis en los huesos


How works hydrolyzed collagen

Talk about collagen is still a very controversial subject, since its effects on the healthand beauty of the people are not still showed a 100%. But for that we are here, toclarify a little.

colagenoToday, we hear here and there on collagen, which is good for this, which is good forthis, but who is that such collagen? Well, the collagen is a type of protein, and this,in turn, is composed of various amino acids. All of them are very United form aresistant fiber, so finishing forming our beautiful body.

It is the most abundant protein we have, it represents 30% of the body. It is extremelydurable, it is even known as unpalatable, and there is where the problem lies becausesome believe that it can not be absorbed after consumed.
To be absorbed, the collagen must undergo a process of hydrolysis, which is abreakdown of molecules, and thereafter the collagen will have a 90% uptake.Therefore, regardless of its form: powder, paste of starch, capsule, beauty or evenwithin the yogurt drinks, always will be hydrolyzed, otherwise, could not be absorbed,and therefore would have no function.
Collagen we buy is a powder that consists mainly of proteins (20 types of amino acids), vitamins (in general, always has vitamin C) and minerals. Free of fats andsugars. Its caloric value is very low, i.e., does not at all that you want to lose weight atthe same time taken. Protein composition is so specific, providing beneficialproperties that cannot be found in other protein sources.
But, in reality, why collagen is so good? The main function is the keep the union ofthe cells and retain the tonicity of the skin fibers, even to prevent stretch marks andcellulite. Therefore, can improve the elasticity of the skin, strengthen nails and evenaid in weight control, because that causes the feeling of satiety. It also improves thebones, tendons and cartilage. Let’s summarize? You want to keep the hair, nails andskin more beautiful, or even prevent or help treat diseases such as osteoporosis orbone, then it is worth taking collagen.

Beginning at 30´s:

Our body begins to suffer various metabolic changes, one of which is the decrease ofthe capacity to produce collagen. In a year, we lose about 1% of this protein. In theelderly, there is a drastic decrease and you can lose up to 60% of the productioncapacity of collagen. All because of aging.
But there are other factors affecting the loss of collagen: sunbathing in excess,tobacco and very restrictive diets. So it should not be forgotten that it is worthwhileto have quality of life, with a balanced diet and physical exercise, this favors theabsorption of collagen and therefore even more health and beauty of your skin, hairand nails.

The standard recommended dose

It has been shown that 10 grams of collagen hydrolysate by day, meets the dailyrequirements of an adult, of is way you can enjoy the beneficial effects on the joints,bones, nails, hair and skin. Ideally, consume 30 to 60 minutes before lunch or dinner,so also you can enjoy the benefits of previously mentioned satiety.

Where to buy hydrolyzed collagen

We can use Amazon and buy a well known product, Provides specific amino acids necessary for the replacement of the supply of collagenin the body, helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improves the elasticity of the skin,helps to improve the support of bones, correct damaged nails, adds body to your hairand slows down the loss of the connective tissue, improves elasticity; improvescirculation; It promotes the generation of glycine that builds lean muscle mass andhelps burn fat while you sleep.

I recommend these products because they are well known brands but similarly youcan find at any local drugstore, that if you start taking nothing before consulting withyour dietitian.

Care to hydrolyzed collagen


Collagen supplements assumes that they should reverse the natural loss of the same.There are variety of collagen supplements. Oral supplements of collagen in the formof pills or liquid promise to relieve arthritis, help in the effort for weight loss, buildingmuscle and rejuvenate the skin. Collagen creams promise to help prevent wrinklesand renew aging faces. Collagen injections make see a skin more filled, eliminatingfacial wrinkles. These injections are also used to create lips more fillings.


The real effects of collagen supplements are debatable. There are few studies thatshow that collagen supplements help alleviate conditions such as osteoarthritis.Collagen creams may moisturize, but in fact do not provide extra body collagen,because the collagen molecule is too large to be absorbed by the skin. The treatmentof collagen which has a very noticeable effect is the injection of collagen, whichmakes swell skin (although not on a permanent basis, the effects may last up to 12weeks).

Side effects

The risks of side effects vary, depending on which type of treatment with collagenproduct. Collagen creams will probably do more damage to your portfolio to yourface. Oral collagen supplements may pose a risk especially if you have a foodsensitivity. Most of the brands that make collagen products use derivatives cow orchicken. Collagen injections can have side effects, some people could generateallergic reactions injection (a test usually must be in advance to determine thesensitivity). People with autoimmune disorders (such as herpes simplex) can expect anasthma attack when the body reacts to the foreign substance. Collagen can alsomigrate, giving the face a look swollen or unbalanced.


If you want to try oral collagen supplements, consider tell your doctor that you aretaking collagen supplements. If you are thinking of getting collagen injections, takeinto account the risks compared to other cosmetic procedures of reducing wrinkles,such as Botox and Restylane. All injections carry a risk and should be consideredcarefully.
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